An Interview with Comixpedia’s Publisher Xaviar Xerexes

Xavier Xerexes (which isn't his real name, by the way) is the publisher and driving force behind Comixpedia. He also has a real job, and a real life, which he doesn't talk about on the Internet. Actually, none of the staff know what he actually does, except that he's a lawyer.

Interviews editor Leah Fitzgerald kicks off the staff interviews with a talk with our illustrious publisher.

How did you first get interested in comics?

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Interviews in Review: Leah Fitzgerald recaps her 5 Favorite Interviews of 2003

The last year of Comixpedia interviews has given us a chance to get to know a number of webcomics creators a little better. Before we launch into a new year, and many more such opportunities I thought I would share my five favourite interviews from Comixpedia, Year One.

(1) James Kochalka: One of the first, and one of my favorites. You wouldn't think that someone who shares so much of themselves already could find so much to tell you.

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An Interview with Bruno’s Chris Baldwin

Christopher Baldwin has been drawing Bruno since 1996, and Bruno has been one of the most consistently-updated comics online. Baldwin, who just announced he’ll be moving to Washington State and likely taking Bruno with him, was working until recently for a data entry company. He’s decided to take the opportunity to regroup and work on a new project that he’d like to see syndicated.

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AdventureStrips’ Anticlimactic Denouement — Interview with Chris Mills

With the recent announcement of the demise of Modern Tales’ AdventureStrips line, Interviews Editor Leah Fitzgerald tracked down Christopher Mills — the driving force behind the shortlived subsidiary. In the interview that ensued, Mills offers his thoughts on what happened, on the fate of comics that were hosted on AS, and what is slated in his own future.
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Plug In to Roy Boney

Plugin Boy is a film noir sci-fi soap opera. Well, it is. Roy Boney, the creator behind this twisted tale of a boy who can't leave his room because he's plugged into the wall, started the project out as a strip and has turned it into a graphic novel. The cinematic influences on Plugin Boy range from the obvious to the obscure, making it a treat for film buffs and anyone interested in comics.

Comixpedia: How did you first get a start in comics?

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Great Taste, Les Filling? A mini-interview with Les McClaine

Les McClaine gets a kick out of sharing his dirty laundry with the world. An up-and coming creator with impressive academic credentials, including two years at the Pilgrim Church Nursery School in Lexington, Massachusetts, Life With Leslie‘s Les Maclaine has journeyed to Savannah and back (yeah, he’s done college, too), and is now one of those rare few who can claim to be making a bit of money drawing sequential art.

Working at Newbury Comics, and with his comic Highway 13 being published by Amaze Ink/SLG Publishing, he could certainly be doing worse. If he was, though, he’d let you know in his journal comic in a heartbeat.

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Airing out Jennie’s Undergarments: An Interview with the creator of The Devil’s Panties

The Devil’s Panties doesn’t have the Devil in it, and makes only the occasional reference to panties, but Jennie Breeden never promised anything. A recent art school grad who spent last summer as the arts counsellor at a camp, Breeden recently got a job working at a comic book shop. Her strip revolves around tales of going to bars, to work, as well as the hijinx ensued through three girls not afraid of the world outside.

And it’s all (mostly) true.

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