Interviews in Review: Leah Fitzgerald recaps her 5 Favorite Interviews of 2003

The last year of Comixpedia interviews has given us a chance to get to know a number of webcomics creators a little better. Before we launch into a new year, and many more such opportunities I thought I would share my five favourite interviews from Comixpedia, Year One.

(1) James Kochalka: One of the first, and one of my favorites. You wouldn't think that someone who shares so much of themselves already could find so much to tell you.

(2)Chris Baldwin: Chris Baldwin was one of the nicest people I chatted with all year, and definitely deserves a second read.

(3) David Willis: Being a bit of a Roomies fan I kind of wish that I could have done this one, but I think Yolanda did a stellar job.

(4) Neil B.: If you miss Imitation of Life like I do, you can always go back and read Emmanuella's interview with the man himself.

(5) Derek Kirk Kim: Just because he makes beautiful stories, however small they may be.

As a bonus, if you get through all of those, and you haven't quite gotten your holiday fix, why not have a look at M. Rada's interview with the genius behind the Slug, Mr. J.R. Conlin?

Leah Fitzgerald is the Executive Editor for Interviews.

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