Black List Press Launches New Webcomic Collaborative Site

Black List Press is a collective of like-minded webcomic artists who came together through the months of September and November in 2004 to promote a sense of quality, unity and community. Balanced with a good dash of known authors as well as ones not so well known, Black List Press hopes to provide visitors with good reading material, as well as a place to discuss webcomics, art, media and more. Continue Reading


Idiot Farm Reaches Episode #100

Idiot Farm has reached its 100th comic. Idiot Farm is drawn and authored by Jeremy Wagner and Justin Van Dyke (Van Dyke is on an extended break while in Ireland and won’t be back to work on the comic until February 2005).

Idiot Farm features extremely quirky and comically cynical characters. Started in July of 2003, the comic has regularly updated for over a year. You can also keep up with the Farm at the comic’s LiveJournal feed. Continue Reading