Why Do Online Comics by Iain Hamp

How The Awesome Power of The Webcomics can help Print Comics Creators?

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how the world of print comics and the world of webcomics interact with one another (or, as is more often the case, fail to interact with one another). I suspect that there are a variety of reasons for those who do print comics to have not embraced webcomics (beyond the loopy evil webcomics zealot in me who wants to think, “HA! They feel threatened by the awesome power of The Internet!”). Continue Reading

Checking In with FAUB’s John Fortman

Lovers of beautiful black-and-white art and urban fantasy should know of the unique treasure nestled away at FALLEN ANGELS USED BOOKS gorgeous pencil artwork with a sure sense of proportion and the human shape, used to tell a story of a waif with wings and a Used Book Store owner, among many other fascinating characters. FAUB started in June 2003 and has already gathered a large following. John Fortman, the author, gave us a very thorough and revealing interview. Continue Reading

Call For Questions: R.K. Milholland of Something Positive

Randy Milholland of SOMETHING POSITIVE may not be strictly New Blood, but he’s hardly Old Guard, either. In the incredible span of just two and a half years, the humorously black S*P has become one of the most popular comics on the web, and his fans have gone as far as supporting him to the tune of a year’s worth of wages, allowing him to quit his job and devote himself full-time to cartooning.

Now you can ask him all those questions that have been burning in your craw through our latest community interview. Simply ask your questions by posting a comment to this very article; we’ll pick the ten best brain-grillers, and fire them off to Randy’s dark and disturbed head for immediate prostitu- processing.

But make fast with the questions — we’ll only accept them until August 17th.
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I Hate You All by Dalton Wemble

New Blood and the Pull of the Undertow

The Internet, as we all know, moves fast. Real fast. And as an old fogey, it still astounds me how fast things can evolve around here. In the old days, it would take a fad a few years to develop, a year or two to stick around, and a year to hit the dollar stores. Hell, can anyone else remember "Miami Mice?" Or when disheveled ducks were all the rage?

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Jeph Jacques Answers Questions About his Questionable Content

Jeph Jacques is the author of Questionable Content – a Web comic about a frustrated music nerd named Marten, his walking-and-talking PC named Pintsize, and his mysterious roommate Faye. It’s about finding a purpose in life, indie rock, and drinking with friends.

Jeph, 24, is originally from the town of Rockville, Maryland. After graduating from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree in music, Jeph has settled in Northampton, Massachusetts with his girlfriend. Continue Reading

Mad Science and the Art of Comicking: Community Interview with Shaenon Garrity

Shaenon Garrity is the creator of Narbonic, L'il Mel, and More Fun, all published by Modern Tales subscription sites. Garrity’s first strip, Narbonic began in 2000 and features the antic antics of Helen Narbonic, mad scientist extraordinaire. She is widely considered to be not only a true creative talent but also a true thinker, with notable personalities such as Scott McCloud praising her many skills over the years. In the ensuing reader-run interview, Garrity talks about mad science, her experiences with freelancing and comics, and Joey Manley's Evil FactorTM. Continue Reading