Webcomics Are From Uranus: Precarious Pitfalls in Perilous Panel Form

Thinking about starting up a webcomic? Has the thought ‘ Hey, if they can do it, so can I!’ ever crossed your mind?

You’ve been reading my comic, haven’t you?

Before you start looking around for a place to host a comic (or wondering what hosting is and if it requires deviled eggs) or thinking about what kind of comic you would like to do, there are some simple things you should be aware of. Proceed with caution, my friend, for the trip down into webcomic creation is a perilous path!! But avoid these pitfalls and you’ll be fine. Continue Reading

Webcomics Are From Uranus

Come Together

Which would you rather go see, a one-man band or an orchestra? Is a four-piece band just perfect? Was The Who so loud because they were overcompensating for only having three instruments? Is bigger really better? Or do too many cooks spoil the broth? (Should I throw in some more metaphors or get right to the, uh, meat of the matter?)

The point: Most online comics are done by just one person. Continue Reading

Webcomics Are From Uranus: Potentially Something

Webcomics are constantly being compared to comics made available in print mediums: pros and cons, webcomics breaking into print, print on the web, etc. Much of this discussion is generated from people who read and create webcomics, and is written in defence of webcomics. Oddly enough, it’s not as if you hear the masses screaming that webcomics are inferior to print. Maybe it’s simply inferred by everyone, the same way comic fans infer that their favorite medium is supposed to be inferior to prose or movies?

So maybe I’m just giving everyone a reason to argue their point when I say that right now, I consider webcomics to be not as good as other mediums. Continue Reading

Webcomics Are From Uranus: No, They Don’t All Just Say “I draw this comic for myself” Because That’s a Cool Artist Thing to Say

With Return of the King still gallivanting in theaters, everyone knows J. R. R. Tolkien these days (except, evidently, my spell check). So it won’t be big news to bring up why it was that the good professor wrote the books in the first place. He wrote a story that he himself wanted to read but had been unable to find.

Tolkien was not a writer of fiction by deliberation, but stumbled into it. Continue Reading

Webcomics Are From Uranus: Stop Drawing 80s Fashions!

I skipped the 80s growing up. This was surprisingly easy, as I was born in 1980 and didn’t get much of a pop culture knowledge base until I was 13 or so. That, a lack of anything but cartoons and reruns on my TV diet, an abuse of my parents’ music and choice in movies, and an obsessive streak that had me trying to read every book in the library, kept me from experiencing much outside of things done before I was born.

So it is without any nostalgia or bias against this decade that I beg you, comics artists, to stop drawing 80s fashions! Continue Reading