Awards, Awards, Awards

The awards’ season certainly has kicked off it seems.

The Lulu Blooker Prize, the award for books based on blogs (or, as they insist on calling them, blooks), is back. Nominated in the comics category are Born of Nifty: Sluggy Freelance Megatome 01
by Pete Abrams, The Definition of Awesome: Another Joe and Monkey Collection
by Zach Miller, and Mom’s Cancer
by Brian Fies.

Last chance to submit your mini-comics to the Isotope comic store in order to participate in their 2007 Isotope Awards for Excellence in Mini-comics, they are taking submissions until midnight on friday (March 16).

The nominees for the Shuster Awards, celebrating canadian comic achievements, have been announced. This year is the first year with an “Outstanding Canadian Webcomic Creator/Creative team” category.

Nominated are:

Canadians, defined as a native or long-term inhabitant of Canada or an individual who was born in Canada and now resides elsewhere, are eligible to vote in all categories. Non-canadian fans can vote in two categories “Favourite Canadian Comic Book Creator – English Language” and “Favourite Canadian Comic Book Creator – French Language”. It is possible to vote online at the awards’ website.