Back From the Beach; Blank Label Up Next Week

I had a great time at the beach and just got back today. I understand the new server held up ok until sometime yesterday – I'm working with the company (Liquid Web) to figure out if this is a workable server solution or not. If things go down, hopefully it won't take too long to resolve…

Coming next week are the Blank Label bloggers: Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, Howard Tayler and Brad Guigar. I've really enjoyed having guest bloggers on the site this summer and next week should be a lot of fun. Besides being great cartoonists these are all great guys. After that will be our last regularly scheduled guest blogger – Chris "Superosity" Crosby. I'll be shifting back out of summer vacation mode soon enough – one of the things I'd like some feedback on is about the guest bloggers we've had. Good idea, bad idea? Great for the summer or something to have all year long?

I also approved all of the new sites for the top list so you're on if you signed up last week. I haven't gotten a lot of feedback from the top list site so far so please let me know if it's been helpful, worthless, whatever. Thanks. (P.S. If you're on the top list and don't create an encyclopedia entry for yourself you're missing out on a chance to provide more information to curious, potential readers)

Also – thanks to new sponsor, the webcomic Krakow!



Xaviar Xerexes

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