Being Unique… Part #1

Although each webcomic tries to put their own stamp across the world of the web, there's some that do exactly what the other does and some that are different. People that actually stop and think "I quite like that idea" usually set themselves apart from the rest, here are just a few:

When you think Webcomics the first idea that comes into your head isn't of having a theme tune. Why should it? It's just a strip on the web, it wouldn't need a theme tune, but to be quite honest with you, I enjoy listening to the extra content, the theme tunes as it were. Two such examples are Boy on a Stick and Slither (BOASAS) and Multiplex.

BOASAS is created by Michael Zole. The tune almost reminds me when listening to it that I'm about to watch one of those late night cartoons, like Rocky's Modern Life or things like that. Original and great sounding.

Multiplex's is a song by AM/FM. Although short (12 seconds long), it still has that soon to be animated like quality, which is I guess what they all thought of when doing it, that one day they could use it as a future series or something and that's definately unique!

Apart from theme tunes (which is quite a good extra), Joe Loves Crappy Movies not only releases strips about certain films but below it always has a review about the specific film targetted that week. It's like having a laugh then having someone reviewing it below. That's unique and different.

Although this isn't a huge feature, it's still something different. Pirate and Alien feature in their Extra's a way of finding your Pirate name. Or if you're an Alien fan, you can always rearrange your name with their simplistic instructions to find it out!

Charity is sometimes what webcomics do to band together. Monster Guy actually supports specific charities and asks people to donate, but also at the bottom of the page there's a funky Flash Monster Guy which when you move your mouse over him he says something different. I like that. Also reminds me of the pet bear on Bearskinrug, where you have many different actions he can do, either eat, drink, be set alight.

And heck, just to be different and unique, why not alter your site once a week. Richard Tingley roughly does and makes it so you actually have to find the different images, artwork and delights inside his brain.

There are thousands if not hundreds of different ways to make your webcomic unique but uniqueness not only gives your readers something to come back for as well (apart from your comic strip) but it also gives your webcomic a bit more depth. Above are just some unique examples, but what you really have to think about is how to make yours that little bit special. So be different, be special, be unique!



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