The Bifter: HTML 5 Webcomic

Jonathan Ingram writes about his monthly webcomic, The Bifter:

[My] main aim [is] to create a monthly comic that could be read by visually impaired users who use a screenreader, as I don't believe any exist on the web.


The category of jokes caters to a slim target audience, namely the web development sector, but it also showcases a combination of some of the new web technologies that are out there to create a retro comic feel (namely HTML5, CSS3, SVG and RDFa).


Plus because I draw the comic strips in SVG format, everyone is free to take a look at them (using their favourite image editing software) and use any of it as a base for their own work.


I would be most appreciative if you had any thoughts or opinions on the comic, or if you could give it a brief mention on your website. I would dearly love to let more people know about this so the design techniques can become more popular, and thus people who are visually impaired can enjoy comics as much as everyone else.

I think it's a great idea and the website is really well done.


Xaviar Xerexes

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