Comix Talk for Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raindrops keep falling on my head…  The other day I dropped a Bueller reference and then had to wonder if my youngster colleagues would get it.  1986 afterall is quite possibly before some of them were born.  Time keeps marching on.  Wait whatever happened to Morris Day and the Time?

BRANDY YOU'RE A FINE WINE: Frank Cho is bringing back Libery Meadows.  And just as cool to me — he's rerun the newspaper era run of the comic at his website. Just click on "first" and reread. Never quite great enough to crack the Calvin & Hobbes-level pantheon, still I thought Cho's work was some of the strongest in the paper when I was growing up.

HANG IN THERE: Wow I am re-inspired up today after reading Phil McAndrew's blog post about Super Obvious Secrets That I Wish They’d Teach In Art School.  You should definitely go read this today.  You can also check out Lisa Hanawalt's good advice too.

RACK 'EM UP: Apparently it was draw Cat Rackham day this week – Anthony Clark suggested that people draw Steve Wolfhard’s Cat Rackham to celebrate the release of Steve’s new book from Koyama Press, Cat Rackham Loses It. Steve has posted the results in a Flickr set of over 100 drawings. (h/t Drawn!)

CONVENTIONAL THINKING: I missed it last year, but apparently the Washington DC Comicon is returning for a second edition.  You can call that annual now!  It returns on June 19th with guests J.G. Jones ("First Wave"), Herb Trimpe ("BPRD: The War on Frogs"), the Luna Brothers ("The Sword") and John K. Snyder III ("Phoenix Without Ashes"). Hmm, that's Father's Day – I guess that might work out well for comic geek dads in the area.

THE PARENTHOOD: The Webcomic Factory is launching a new webcomic today called I Hate My Kids written by Tony DiGerolamo with art by Harold George.  “I wanted to do a kids comic,” says Webcomic Factory co-founder, Tony DiGerolamo.  “This comic embodies all the frustration parents feel towards their kids.  The kids, of course, are oblivious.”  Actually this reminds me to also plug Dadding Badly which is a cute strip by John Kovaleski about being a father.


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