Bite Strips

Fleen points out a new "make-a-comic" tool online called Bitstrips.  Putting aside for a minute any judgment on the quality of tools on the site, I want to flag for everyone that its owners are a mite bit greedy, claiming "joint ownership" (those are magic copyright law words my friends) of anything created on the site:

Anything, including any comic strip, character, scene and/or text, that You create and/or make publicly available for use and modification through Bitstrips Tools by Bitstrips or its users ("Shared Content"), shall be jointly owned by You and Bitstrips with You and Bitstrips deemed to be joint authors. Any Shared Content that is modified by a third party user of Bitstrips will be owned solely by Bitstrips.

This is dumb.  This is like Blogger claiming joint ownership of your words, Flickr claiming joint ownership of your pictures, or WebcomicsNation, DrunkDuck or ComicGenesis claiming joint ownership of your comics.  Don’t take my word for it though – David Willis of Shortpacked says it better than I could.



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