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The Daily Cartoonist reports that syndicated editorial cartoonist Matt Bors is creating a bi-weekly comic called Civil Discourse for the ACLU website.  I have no idea how many editorial cartoonists are running comics (original or re-purposed) on non-traditional sites but it seems like it might have potential.  A lot of groups (whether partisan or non-partisan) should have the budget to pay a reasonable fee for such comics — the benefit to them being promotion of their message or increased recruitment (via more traffic to their website).  Of course unlike a "neutral" newspaper I imagine fitting the comic to the organization is a more subjective proposition, but there are organizations of all persuasions out there. 


Mike Rouse-Deane has created a webcomic project/fundraiser for Make-A-Wish called the Guest Strip Project.  It’s sort of a "always guest comics" comic.  Should be interesting to check out and of course, it’s for a good cause.



Tom Spurgeon reports that Scholastic is going to publish Kazu Kibuishi’s Copper.  Unfortunately it won’t come out until Spring of 2010, but if it’s anything like the Bone books it’ll be a beautiful looking book.

The Beat has the cover art for the upcoming Dark Horse published Achewood book: "The Great Outdoor Fight".

Scienteers reports that "Wanted" a book collecting the webcomic Comic Dash is coming soon.


Tom Spurgeon offers his picks for 2007 including "Five Features Even The Most Ardent Internet-Hater Would Find Worth Reading On-Line":Hutch Owen Daily by Tom Hart; Flickr/Sketchbook Comics by Laura Park; Achewood by Chris Onstad; Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch and George Sprott, 1895-1975 by Seth.

Fleen links to archives of The Bench, which were reader created strips using Penny Arcade characters.  The Bench used to be an "official" Penny Arcade project,but while my memory is fuzzy the site crashed and at some point Tycho and Gabe cast it off on its own.  Anyhow it’s cool to see it back (and accepting new entries).

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