Blank Label Podcast: Kurtz Interview Part 2

I can’t remember if we mentioned this or not, but the second part of BL’s podcast with Scott Kurtz was posted on October 23. This part is a bit more serious and delves into, among other things, the history of webcomics, Kurtz’ Eisner nomination, the attempts to get PvP syndicated in newspapers, and Kurtz’ thoughts on the future.

The most recent podcast is with Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary fame and the newest member of Blank Label.




  1. As far as I know, the Fan Base interview being available for download is unlikely, due to all the technical difficulties they had during it (I didn’t actually hear it, as I was at work that night, but that’s the last I heard about it from Zach)

  2. And the next installment of the BLC Podcast is supposed to be on Monday, following a hiatus because Straub and Kellette were both overly busy last week. Like all junkies, the regular listeners didn’t take the loss so well. I think most of us were on the verge of playing the theme song on constant loop all week and mimicking the hosts voices as we act out an interview with sock puppets.

    And as long as we’re talkin’ podcasts, is there any word on when the Fan Base is going to offer the interview with Jeph Jacques for download? I rather enjoyed the one they did with Kurtz

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