Blind Date rolls along, will not help the lovelorn

With over 20 participants signed up in the first 12 hours, Blind Date is already shaping up to be a great event!

A word to the wise, however: IT IS NOT A DATING SERVICE.

It’s called “Blind Date” because you’re getting paired with a random cartoonist, but there is no guarantee that you will be paired with a cartoonist of a gender you wish to date. That would involve (somehow) figuring out participants’ genders and preferences and tailoring things on the fly to get perfect proportions of gay, lesbian, straight male and straight female participants.

That would be nutty and nigh-impossible!

This is an event that pairs RANDOM CARTOONISTS to create a love-themed comic as part of a Valentine’s event. There is no guarantee that you’ll be paired with somebody of the gender you would normally choose to date.

All webcartoonists are welcome to sign up for the best event in Webcomics in February 2004! But do it for the love of comics… not for the love of, uh, love!

– Matt Shepherd, Events Editor