Fright Night 2003 Lumbers on Like a Zombie!

Despite its coordinator’s ham-fisted HTML skills, Comixpedia’s Fright Night Project moves forward like the beast that would not die!

Two (or more) new comic links are being posted daily, in a blood-soaked orgy of creativity starting from the crazed inspiration of our special guest starting panelists!

Whether you’re a participant or just looooove comics, be sure to come by and soak up that oogy ambience, then talk about it on our forum! Continue Reading

The Fear is Here! Fright Night 2003 is Dead and Kickin’!

Fright Night 2003 starts with a bang today, presenting the first of 25 scarifyin’ submissions to the first-ever official Comixpedia-sponsored event! Thrill to the worrisome work of Edward J. Grug III and Jesse Clark! And keep coming back daily for more submission URLs, right up to the apex of horror: HALLOWE’EN ITSELF, when we present our seven winners!

Go ahead and scare yourself now! Continue Reading