The End-End of Man-Man…Soon-Soon!

Man-Man is dead, and his successor (and twin brother), Man-Man-Man, is…dead.

Gelatin, steam engines, time-travelling robots, mad science and mayhem abound as the award-unwinning Man-Man Comics romps through the final five episodes of its ultimate 30-episode story arc, “Countdown.”

With only one scant week left in the series, both of Man-Man’s readers are waiting with bated breath to find out how the whole thing is going to wrap up.

After over 550 archived strips and two years of stories, James Duncan and Matt Shepherd are terminating Man-Man Comics on Friday, June 20.

The final Man-Man comic will be followed by “Memories of Man-Man,” a series of testimonials to the dimmest bulb in herodom by some of the brightest lights in webcomics.

Join us for the final week of “Countdown” from June 16 through 20 and see how it all wraps up, and visit Man-Man Comics on June 30, 2003 for the launch of…

…well, that would be telling.



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