Blogging About Bloggers Who Blogged About the Blogger Article

But first let’s say hello to new Comixpedia contributor Wednesday White who will be posting to the blog (in fact she just did – see post below).

Now on to the post: Hope you read the article I wrote on comics bloggers this month. Most of the comics bloggers I emailed were very interesting folks – in fact, it’s the first article I’ve written where I simply got too much information in reply to use all of it in the article. But reactions I’ve gotten so far have been positive. In particular NeilAlien wrote to say he (she?) thought it was a good overview.

One of the things in the article was a snapshot of the topics the bloggers I interviewed mentioned as being likely areas of interest over 2004. NeilAlien is a bit aggrieved that everyone seems to think manga is the next big thing. He (she?) rightly worries that there may be an echo chamber effect going on where bloggers are reinforcing rather than debating issues. Is manga a permanent addition to the American comics market or simply a fad? Sean Collins sums this fear up nicely:

What if it is just a fad? Not since the political chattering classes universally predicted John Kerry’s demise in Iowa will so many look so silly for being so wrong!

I’ll check in with more reaction to the blogger article later today.


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