Blogging from the Beach

Our evening began in Peter Scharro's our comfortable study in his the beachhouse where the glowsticks were just right, the WiFi was in the background and the Red Bull was delicious…  Anyhow blogging from the beach this weekend, A big thanks to last week's guest bloggers: Harknell, Onezumi, Sam Costello and Steve Troop. 

This week (if memory serves, I lost my notes!) we have Brandon Carr, Scott Story and Derik Badman.  I'm going to let them introduce themselves but all have been making comics online and off for quite awhile now and I think you'll enjoy their contributions to the site. (Brandon will be blogging next week actually)

I've been on an undead horror kick lately.  Read World War Z, in the middle of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and just knocked off a bunch of The Walking Dead (not totally caught up yet though).  Heck I even managed to watch Zombieworld earlier this summer.  Any other recommendations for me — comics in particular?


Xaviar Xerexes

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