Guest Blogging Intro: Derik

Hello, I'm the forgotten guest blogger this week. My name's Derik Badman, long time readers may remember the column I wrote here for awhile. I also blog regular at my site Madinkbeard, where you can also find my comics (web and print), which lately have mostly been short and experimental/abstract/non-narrative/poetic.

I'm a structure guy, so I thought I'd give myself a theme or two to work with this week. I decided "web-to-print, print-to-web" would be an interesting topic to discuss, as I feel like I've seen an increasing number of works that transition one way or the other that aren't simply "printed book is made from webcomics series."

Not sure what else I'll write about. Perhaps just a run through the daily contents of my "Webcomics" folder in Google Reader.



Derik Badman

Derik A Badman is a web developer (for Springshare, Inc) and comics artist/critic living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife and two cats. His comics are often abstract or poetic in nature, frequently drawing from appropriated sources.