Book ’em, Manno! Man-Man 5-0-0

This Wednesday, March 12, Man-Man hits the landmark 500 — 500 “canon” strips (‘main story’ strips, not weekenders or fill-ins)!

After 499 strips of rampaging multiplying nasty babies, reality-threatening mad bombers, camp counsellors turned bad, monsters and clones made entirely of cheese, schwarma and squirrels, Man-Man celebrates its 500th with…well, nothing, really. We’re in the middle of a plotline and we’re not going to interrupt it just to celebrate a meaningless number. What do you want, a 48-page novel-length spectacular guest-starring Ghost Rider? Not likely, fanboy.

Still and all, that’s a lot of cartoons.

Find out why Man-Man has been called “the Internet’s best M-F super-hero parody about a radioactive man with the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a man, his reluctant sidekick, psychotic Belgian butler and basement tenant mad scientist!”

Because it was called that. Once. By a drunk.