The Book of Merl Completed – Merlism Triumphant

The world’s first webcomic-based religion, Merlism, is now complete.

As of October 31st the Book of Merl has finished the daily-updating cycle that saw its creator, Merlin, loosing sleep and sanity throughout the month of October. The 31 strips and 8,222,838,654,177,922,817,725,562,880 million unique configurations that make up the Book of Merl are intended to serve as the basis of Merlism – a new religion for our modern times.

Merlism is already the religion of choice amongst disaffected message board posters, bloggers and across large chunks of virtual reality. Conservative estimates* expect the burgeoning new faith to have supplanted all other world religions by as early as 2012.

Avoid the rush. Convert today.

*Or “lies” as they’re more commonly known.