E-merl Turns 5, Violence Ensues

In a belated celebration of its fifth year on the web, E-merl.com has just undergone a Doctor-Who-style regeneration. The old design was worried about getting type cast and has gone off to pursue other roles, leaving the imaginatively titled E-merl 5.0 to take it’s place. Five Point Oh is looking to impress viewers straight off the bat by delivering a brand new weekly webcomic series right to the front page of E-merl. The new series, Brain Fist, is already two episodes deep and will continue to update every Tuesday at a merciless pace until someone forces it to stop. Continue Reading

New at E-merl.com – Icarus Tangents

E-merl.com has updated for the month of May with a brand new Tarquin powered webcomic, Icarus Tangents. The comic sees the long awaited return of down-on-his-sanity comic creator, Icarus Creeps.

It also marks the debut of another upgrade to the Tarquin Engine, which now sports a completely rewritten and smoother running code base. Just watch those pixels zoom!

Also with this update – check out two more preview pages and a brand new cover from the Isotope Award winning Last Sane Cowboy and get the full run down on the E-merl 2005 Summer Tour. Continue Reading


New at E-merl.com – The Girl Who Talked

E-merl.com has updated just in time for Easter with all the details of Merlin’s latest print comic, The Girl Who Talked.

“A girl who was raised by mimes. A man from another Earth. A woman who can smell tomorrow. Peek into the dislocated lives of three inhabitants of an Unfolded Earth in an all new sequence of interlinked monologues.”

Stop by the site to read a free three-page preview of the book and then – if you’re feeling extra flush – maybe even buy a copy! Or why not two copies? They’re extra cheap at twice the price! Um… yeah. Continue Reading

New 24 Hour Tarquin Comic at E-merl.com

The Conundrunomicon holds many secrets. It also holds many lies. If there’s a trick to telling one from the other, then sadly I’ve yet to find it.

E-merl.com delivers its first update of 2005 with a brand new 24 Hour hypercomic. 24:Three makes use of the latest version of the Tarquin Engine to deliver a snapshot of a comic creator’s mind over 24 sleep deprived hours. It makes about as much sense as you’d expect, given the circumstances. Continue Reading

Potential Comics UK Zero Zero One

A massive new collaborative hypercomic debuts today at E-merl.com. The comic features the work of a host of stars from the British small press scene, alongside such well-known creators as Chris Ware (Acme Novelty Library) and Roger Langridge (Fred The Clown).

Originally masterminded by cartoonist Tom Gauld as part of the Comica festival at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, the comic has now been adapted for the web by E-merl’s own Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. The special zooming interface used to display the webcomic is the first piece to benefit from Merlin’s new infinite-canvas delivery system, The Tarquin Engine.
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New at Serializer.net – The Nile Journals

Mr. NileE-merl.com‘s metafictional anti-hero par excellence – has begun his own weekly journal at Serializer.net.

Connecting to our plane of reality via the brain of Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Mr. Nile will be doing his best to keep us all informed on the particulars of day-to-day life in the fictional west coast city of Anyopolis, USA.

When is a journal comic not just a journal comic? Find out every Monday at Serializer.net.

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Webcomica at the ICA in London

There’s a whole bunch of webcomic related events taking place at the ICA in London as part of this years inaugural Comica festival. Things kick off with the opening of the Webcomica exhibition on Wednesday, with a talk from the show’s curator, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey.

Webcomica will spotlight work from a range of well know webcomic creators in an attempt to provide an insight into the many possible futures for comics on the web. Details of the exhibition can be found on the ICA’s website, with more info on Merlin’s talk located here.
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