E-merl Turns 5, Violence Ensues

In a belated celebration of its fifth year on the web, E-merl.com has just undergone a Doctor-Who-style regeneration. The old design was worried about getting type cast and has gone off to pursue other roles, leaving the imaginatively titled E-merl 5.0 to take it’s place. Five Point Oh is looking to impress viewers straight off the bat by delivering a brand new weekly webcomic series right to the front page of E-merl. The new series, Brain Fist, is already two episodes deep and will continue to update every Tuesday at a merciless pace until someone forces it to stop.

When contacted for his views, Merlin – E-merl’s curator and well-know interwub crackpot – had this to say about his site’s recent transformation:

“Um… it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

When further pushed to comment on the change in E-merl from an every-now-and-then schedule to a regular weekly update, the addled Brit explained that:

“They’re… you know. Paying me and stuff.”

At time of press it is believed that the ‘they’ in question is most likely a reference to the Clickwheel corporation, and not a veiled reference to the shadowy government conspiracy that this reporter has long suspected of being the secret power behind all major webcomic developments and political assassinations in the last twelve years.

But we may never know for sure.