Books Imitating Webcomics?

A news post on icv2 states that Del Ray will be releasing 30 pages of manga on mini-sites for each of their new series before the official publication date.

While this is not unusual, look at this quote, “pages will be released by a Innovative page-a-day approach. Del Rey plans to add a new page of manga content each day for thirty days hoping to encourage readers to come back every day and build buzz for the new properties.”

Now last time I checked, there is nothing innovative about releasing a page of manga a day. But all the best to them, I think we put up pretty stiff competition 😀



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  1. The sad thing about this is some uninformed reporter for a major newspaper will write an article about how innovative they are. Remember, it isn’t who invented the light bulb first but who made it to the patent office first that matters to history. 😉

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