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Some quick updates for today — probably no more posts from me until next week though (check out the talk posts for more from the ComixTalk community).  Here’s an idea that caught my eye this AM — a graphic novel reading group.  Sponsored by the DC area bookstore Politics and Prose it will meet the fourth Wednesday of each month.  There are a lot of book reading clubs — how many include, let alone focus on graphic novels?  Do any publishers include book club guides for their graphic novels? (I’ve seen similar stuff for books).

Another article on Longbox – the announced "itunes for comics" service/software.  Not a bad overview of the possibilities here, although a key difference between music and comics is that it seems iTunes rode the success of the iPod.  I can’t imagine iTunes becoming as dominant as it is without the tight linkage Apple created to the iPod.  Longbox isn’t going to have that advantage.  On the other hand if Longbox can do deal with many, many major publishers of comics than it still might have a fighting chance (assuming it’s a great piece of software with a really good customer experience).  (h/t Scott McCloud)

If you’re in the DC area come hear Richard Thompson of Cul de Sac speak at my local library next week.

Justify My Hype
Daily Cross Hatch has a great comic from Raina Telgemeier — the first in a series called Subway Stories.



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