Tuesday Morning Webcomic News

Longbox is a software program for download for computers that is intended to be an iTunes like system for comics.  Comics is in a much different place than music was at the time of iTunes rise to dominance (plus iTunes rode the iPod and there doesn’t seem to be an iLongbox involved in this story) so I’m not sure there’s any reason to predict success for this effort without seeing a lot more of it.  If they had an exceptionally well-done piece of software, easy purchase process and lined up ALL or MOST of the major publishers than maybe it would get some traction.  Convenience at the right price point CAN beat inconvenient and free for a lot of folks.

Comics Worth Reading has a review of Ethan Young’s ails.

Shaenon K. Garrity’s guide to comics message boards is very funny.

Sean T. Collins has links to a whole bunch of creators’ twitter feeds you might be interested in.


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