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Our August issue is officially launched – I have a quick review of a great photo reference book filled with shots of facial expressions; Derek Badman reviews two webcomics from the European webcomics site, Electrocomics; Patric Lewandowski wraps up his examination of closure and synthesis in comics; and I have an interview with Andrew "mneonix08" Gomez on the reboot of his webcomics toplist site, Buzzcomix.  And last but not least the very cool cover this month is from Peter Donahue, the co-creator of Pear-Pear (be sure to click the "view the entire cover" button to see the whole thing).

Comics Worth Reading adds a few more thoughts on the relaunched WOWIO ebooks site.

Scott Kurtz gets mocked by Triumph the Insult Dog at Comic Con – see the video from the Conan O'Brien show here. Kurtz handled it pretty well actually and managed to get a solid plug in for the Skull the Troll doll.

Apparently a lot of other Scary Go Round fans were also appreciative of John Allison's Baker, Butcher and the Candlestickmaker superhero squad in the latest SGR storyline.

Lore Sjöberg is making D&D-themed comics at his Bad Gods website.  The latest, called "Rust Monster" is classic.  If you've never checked out Bad Gods before – click through the archives; I'm pretty sure 99% of you will laugh at the very funny animated bits he did in 2006.


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