Broken Frontier Interviews Otis Frampton

Broken Frontier has a two part interview with Otis Frampton, creator of Oddly Normal. Oddly Normal was for a time part of Modern Tales sister site and will be released in print as a four part miniseries by Viper Comics starting March.

In the interview, Framton talks, among other things, about the differences in working towards print as opposed to the web:

BF: Now that you’ve had a chance to experience both processes for creating a comic story, would you say you favor one over the other?

OF: I’ll take being published in print as opposed to being on the web any day of the week. And as a storyteller, I definitely prefer the longer form of a series over a weekly installment.

BF: Because it allows you to go into more depth with the characters and stories, or are there other factors?

OF: Yes, exactly. As I said, with a weekly or daily comic, there is a feeling that you need to be entertaining or funny or exciting in each installment. This can be a detriment to someone who is really working on a long-form story, and the concern is in the whole, rather than the parts. Even with the mini-series, I’ve had to trim a lot of the leisurely character moments that I had in mind when planning the story during its web days. The four issue format has forced me to stay pretty focused on story. So there are pluses and minuses to both, but I still prefer the print series over the web.