BSC Webcomics Idol 2.0 First Round Almost-Results

This was the first week of voting for the BSC Webcomics Idol 2.0 contest. I’m not sure if voting is still open today or whether it closed yesterday (but since I was just able to vote I suspect it’ll continue through tonight). The contest eliminates the 5 lowest vote-getters in this round — pretty brutal!

Right now the webcomics clearly in the elimination zone are:

However, it’s neck and neck between two comics as to who goes and who stays:

Four other webcomics don’t look like they’re in any danger this week:

I just read Shi Long Pang all the way through – it’s a somewhat anachronistic take on a shaolin monk in the time of war with the Qing dynasty. At times it gets too talky for it’s own good (although smartly creator Ben Costa does stuff some of the facts into footnotes instead of trying to fit it all into exposition in his characters’ mouths) but it’s well-paced, interesting (heck even educational!), even funny and the art is very good. Costa has enough talent to shift styles as needed and is very good with integrating picture, words and speech bubbles.

I liked Bear and Kitten sometimes too although it’s far less ambitious and misfires as often as its humor hits. Still it has some strong moments and the art really grew on me as I read the archives. Comparing these two is completely apples and oranges of course and hopefully they both find some new readers through this contest.


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