Call For Questions for Josh Lesnick

Josh Lesnick is a webcomics wunderkind. His current projects include Go-Girly published at Keenspot and the NC-17 (NSFW) webcomics website Slipshine. He also created the webcomics Wendy and Cute Wendy.

Lesnick has agreed to answer your questions. Post your questions here, and we’ll send the top ten moderated questions to be answered. We’ll take questions (one question per post to this thread) up until May 21st.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Oh, and a follow up question. Are you more about the “slip” or the “shine”?

  2. No you don’t. Shut up! *stabs Ghastly in the head*

    Man… if you finished that sentance with “Hold me. HOLD ME!” I’d think you were my ex-girlfriend from highschool.

  3. Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?

  4. How is the Slipshine subscription model working out for you, has it enabled you to live your dream of quiting your day job?

  5. How many comic pages, on average, do you draw per day? How long does each step take?

  6. What artists and writers influenced you?—Al

  7. How much baby oil do you go through in a month? ~_^

  8. Just to clarify for the “funny” moderation”, that was an honest question. Josh’s been involved in a lot of drama over the years. I thought about saying “Are you still bitter about THING,” but decided it would be inflammatory.

  9. Perhaps that’s what makes it funny. Take away the drama queen and Josh just wouldn’t be Josh anymore and we all love him for it.

  10. Yes, but we still love you, that’s all that matters baby.

  11. How can you keep all this stuff linear in your mind?
    I enjoy the Go-Girly comic as well as CuteWendy, but sometimes the plot makes my head spin…

  12. Ive got to say, Ive been surfing the web for years, and theres alot of funny stuff out there, but your comic is the best Ive seen yet. Im interested in alot of Anime, some well-known and some not, and your art is some of the best (in terms of style, my favorite) that I have seen, and your humor is a rare breed. My friends and I are big fans of ‘intelligent’ nonsense, lol.
    eg: She did something Ill never forget…(need I finish? That joke killed me lol)

    I could say more, but I guess its question time, so my question is:

    How and or Where did you learn to draw?
    If you were self-taught, please give me some pointers, as I am striving to learn how to draw right now…(I can draw something I see very well, but Im trying to break away from that and draw things from my mind. Its tough)

  13. What are five comic series (from anywhere on this planet and interweb)that you think are perhaps the best series out there and why. One more question: Who would you want to be the voice of Winter and Otra if Girly were to be animated somehow?

  14. Based on recent developments in Girly, and your interview at Sequential Tart, I am drawing some parallels between between Otra’s life experiences and your own. Specifically, you both worked for minimum wage, quit, and then ended up making a living doing something artistic. Did you use your own experiences in this area as a reference for writing Girly?

  15. I love the way you draw the female body, and it seems that you do too seeing as almost all your comics feature the always popular lesbians. My friends say you only draw lesbian comics because you can only draw women and not men. Is this true?

  16. It’s been over a year since I’ve done anything that’d constitute me as a “drama queen” really, but people tend to remember things like this as if they happened yesterday.

  17. No you don’t. Shut up! *stabs Ghastly in the head*

    …. Uhhhh, I’ll show myself out. Carry on with the questioning!

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