Keenspace Main Site gets New Look

On May 7th, Keenspace’s Main Site re-launched with a funky new site design, complete with new logo, newsbox and searchable guide. A follow-up to Keenspot’s own re-design back in January, the new site design was chosen from several entries in a contest put forth on the Keenspace forums.

It is worth noting that the winning entry by Rodrigo Pin is quite a departure from the original Keenspace look, and according to Keenspot Entertainment Co-CEO Chris Crosby: “fits in with the space theme wonderfully”.

The resurrection of the Keenspace newsbox was due to Keenspace’s admin Kisai and once again provides a promotional opportunity for members of the Keenspace community. Unlike the Keenspot newsbox, the Keenspace newsbox rotates plugs from all submitted webcomics.




  1. Yes, the newsbox was of the nicest things Kisai could ever do for us.

    Cheers for our almighty catgirl admin!

  2. The NewsBox is indeed one of the best things to happen to Keenspace. I can’t praise Kisai’s efforts to improve space enough. And RPin’s redesign of the Keenspace front page is just so much better than the pre-crash “Welcome to 1995” styled webpage that has been up there, well, I think since Keenspace started.

    The NewsBox is amazing though. Much better than those clumbsy and cumbersome javascript drop down boxes. It gives readers an instant preview of what the comic is like. I have seen so much quality artwork show up in the NewsBox from artists whose work I would not likely have known about otherwise. I would not be surprised if the NewsBox goes a long ways towards eliminating the common misconception that Keenspace is nothing but crap-assed sprite comics and pre-teen doodles on lined paper.

    The best thing is, it’s a great way for those of us who are the big comics on Keenspace to promote the undiscovered talent of the less well known comics on Keenspace.

    Things are definetly looking up on Keenspace.

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