Call For Questions For Sam Brown of Exploding Dog

It’s time for Community Interview #7. This time Sam Brown of Exploding Dog has agreed to answer your questions. Here’s how it works — post your question to Sam in a comment in response to this post.


If you see another question you think is interesting, moderate it up. If you see something not so useful, moderate it down. We’ll take questions for two weeks, until October 17th. We’ll send the top ten questions to Sam to answer.


Xaviar Xerexes

Wandering webcomic ronin. Created Comixpedia (2002-2005) and ComixTalk (2006-2012; 2016-?). Made a lot of unfinished comics and novels.


  1. Does the practice of having other people come up with titles free you creatively, provide inspiraton, or sort of create limitations/walls for you to bounce off of? (Or all of the above or none, of course…)

  2. Just FYI – Sam has already posted a FAQ on his site. Maybe this will help us to generate some new/different questions for him –

    general questions about explodingdog

    how do you chose titles to use?
    i have no organized system for choosing titles. i pick titles that give me ideas for drawings.

    is this a service?
    do you charge for this?
    my client needs a logo for his company, and i heard that you do free drawings, can you email me a drawing of a dog and cat wearing suits playing frisbee? i need it by friday.
    i am sorry but you have misunderstood this site. people suggest titles and i do drawings from some of them, then post them on this site. if some one likes the picture i drew, they email it to their friends and say “hey, look at this funny picture.”
    this site could be thought of as a long term semi-collaborative art project. nobody pays for anything. and when i draw a picture using someone’s title it is added to the front page for anyone who is interested to look at.

    if i give you a link on my website will you draw a picture for me?
    i will buy a book or tshirt if you do a drawing for me.
    is there any way i can bribe you to draw a picture for me?
    No, you can’t bribe me.

    when will you use my title?
    some titles i use right away, some hang around for weeks, and many never get drawn.

    when will you update the drawing sites, or red robot page?
    why didn’t you link to my drawing site or red robot site?
    these pages get updated when i have a little extra time to sit down and look at all the sites sent to me.
    i try to include every thing sent to me so if you think i forgot to link to your site feel free to send me the link again.

    why don’t you return my email?
    if you sent a question about ordering or an order you have placed to it should have been answered. we usually try to get back to order questions within 24 hours, but sometimes it takes a little longer.

    if you sent an email to and i have not replied, i am sorry. i try to write back to most people who ask me questions, but because i am slow at typing i don’t have time to answer everything.
    i also tend not to answer personal questions.

    why are monkeys big and green?
    if i choose a title with the word “monkey” in it, i will replace it with whatever word i choose. (most likely “monster”)

    i have been enjoying your site for a while and was wondering if you accept donations?
    yes, i do accept donations. but i do make money off of this site and would prefer that you buy something.
    if you do want to donate by paypal use the link below. if you want to send a donation by mail use the address at the bottom of this page.

    questions about making drawings

    what do you use to make your drawings?
    all the drawings are drawn in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

    i have questions about drawing tablets.
    i have made a page with information on drawing tablets.

    how do you use photoshop to make your drawings?
    can i see one of your original photoshop files?
    my drawings are very simple but if you are wondering how they are drawn or want to see my photoshop files i have made a page with a quick description of how i do my drawings

    questions about the use of my artwork

    can i make my own t-shirts?
    sure. if you want to make some t-shirts of drawings feel free. as long as you are not trying to sell them or use them to advertise for your company, i don’t mind. make as many as you want.

    will you do drawings for an album cover?
    probably not. i get this question about ten times a week, and have stopped responding to it. (i am very sorry to everyone who i did not respond to.) i don’t know why but something about making CD cover art makes me uncomfortable. if you think you have a really good proposal let me know, but don’t take offence if i don’t answer you.
    if you have something you want me to listen to send a cd to the address below.

    can i use you art on my site?
    if it is a noncommercial site, i probably will not mind. but please give me credit.

    do i need permission to print out, email, or download your drawings?
    you do not need my permission. i encourage you to use my drawings however you like.
    print them out and hang them up.
    email them to friends.
    paint your own copies of them on your walls.
    use them in your powerpoint presentations.

    can i use your art on my products or in advertisements for my company?
    will you create free art for my products or for advertisements for my company?

    can i hire you to do illustrations for my company, magazine, or product?
    it depends on the project, how much you are going to pay me and a few other factors.
    you should know that i do not make my living as a professional illustrator. because of this i have the potential to be more difficult to work with than someone who is a professional illustrator.

    do you have a portfolio of the professional work you have done?
    no, i do not.

    can i interview you for my web site or magazine?
    yes, but unless there is some reason it can’t be done i would prefer to do the interview over the phone.

    will you do a drawing for my site,or zine?
    will you participate in my project?
    if you email me this sort of question and i like your stuff, i will probably say yes. and then never do it. i have done some stuff but nine out of ten times i fail to do what i say i will do. if i say yes and you want to remind me often you will probably have better luck. i don’t do this to be rude, i am just bad at concentrating enough to get something done.

  3. Where did you come up with ‘Exploding Dog’ as the title of your site?

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