Can Girl Genius Get Back to the Actual Storyline Soon?!?

Let's stick with the advertising theme this week.  I may have been too harsh on BlogAds yesterday – I lowered the prices and had a new ad submitted within hours.  Hmm…   Anyhow, new features for the Project Wonderful advertising platoform — categories for publishers ad boxes and infinite bids for advertisers.

The Reboot webcomic is over.  I know nothing about any incarnation of Reboot so someone else will have to tell us if the webcomic did justice to the cartoon or whether there's a big screen remake with Eddie Murphy coming out next year.

Lyle Masaki has an overview of webcomics with gay themes and characters.  It's a good article which covers a number of really good comics out there. (h/t El Journalista!)

Shelly from Scary Go Round meets Dr McNinja as drawn by SGR boy genius creator John Allison.


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