Thinking About Advertizing in the Current Economy

I suspect it’s going to be a lousy time for ads in the near term.  Less money spent on them; less readers clicking on them (on the idea everyone is spending less).

I saw a decent thread on various ad systems over at — I’m really curious about how January shakes out for creators running ads.  I’m currently using Joey Manley’s new advertising platform – Webcomics World – but it’s too soon to provide any feedback on it yet.  Previously I used a combination of Blog Ads, Project Wonderful and Google Ads.  Google ads have never worked for me, PW has always been a small amount (but consistent) and Blog Ads used to be pretty good but declined severely over 2008.

NOTE: I grabbed this link from the thread – Tony Piro wrote up an overview of many ad networks – a little out of date but still, a pretty useful overview.  One other new network you might also investigate is from Six Apart (they own typepad and moveable type) – I have not used it but did consider it last year.

ADVERT: Thinking about blogads I just lowered slashed the price on the blogad spot here at ComixTALK (it appears at the top of the left hand column).



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