Catching Up With Stephen Notley

There's an incredible wealth of articles in the ComixTalk archives: features and columns on craft, theory and business, insightful reviews and interviews with some of the most interesting folks in webcomics. We'll be taking a regular look back at past issues and catching up with creators we've previously covered.

Stephen Notley is the creator of Bob the Angry Flower which I'm sure is still the angriest angiosperm character in comics today. I caught up with Notley via email last month.

Xaviar Xerexes: We did an interview with you back in 2003, and I'd like to do a quick catchup one if you have a few minutes. What's your take on the United States as it heads towards another presidential election next year?

Stephen Notley: I think folks are just marking time until the Bush era ends but they're frustrated that neither party is offering anything like a clean break from Bushism.


Xerexes: When global warming destroys the planet will the northern provinces of Canada rule the world (or at least the Western Hemisphere)?

Notley: The way I figure it, when we've slid into the classic Max Max/Road Warrior battle over fuel, rents will still be high in Alberta.


Xerexes: What do you have planned for Bob the Angry Flower in 2008?

Notley: Hmmm… good question. Some kind of book or special longer story thing, but I don't have the details all figured yet.


Xerexes: Where are you located these days and what are you up to during the daytime hours?

Notley: I'm located in Seattle, Washington doing technical and other kinds of writing for PopCap Games.


Xerexes: Are you reading anyone else's webcomics these days? If so what's on your monitor?

Notley: I tend to stay away from webcomics in general, but I am a slavishly regular reader of Achewood and Penny Arcade.

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