Comics Equivalent of the Cover Song

For me I really enjoy blogs featuring "covers" of classic comic work.  The first one I started following is probably the oldest one — "Covered: Artists Re-interpreting Comic Covers" — which is pretty much what it says: artists doing a new version of an older comic book cover.  Sometimes the covers are fairly close, other times they're a radical reworking of the concept.  The next one I started reading is Repaneled which features artists doing a new version of a panel from an existing work.

Debuting this week is a new one called Cornered: The Cover Corner Art Blog which was started by Jon Morris.  Self-described as "we recreate the spot character illustrations which appeared in the upper left-hand corners of so many classic comics, from Marvel to DC to Harvey, Charlton and beyond!"  I used to doodle these character illustrations all the time as a very little kid.  I think this is a pretty cool idea and I'm looking forward to following it.


Xaviar Xerexes

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