Comix Talk for Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hey it's Tyler Page's birthday – go wish him a happy one by catching up with his excellent college life webcomic Nothing Better.  This comic has two great, well developed lead female characters in it.

CONVENTIONAL THINKING: Jen Vaughn posts a great write-up of Webcomics Weekend 2 over at The Beat. The Daily Cross Hatch posts another comment on the recent Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

BUSINESS: Critic Tucker Stone with some "Career" "Advice" for aspiring comics creators.

MULTIMEDIA: I saw the press announcement for a new webcomic called The Adjusted by Kenneth Bass, which is being hyped for "its driving, cosmic beats that enhance the action of the story and the scene transitions of the high-resolution graphics."  Now I'm a sucker for trying out webcomics that really explore the web part of things.  Doesn't mean I ultimately think these efforts are always a success but I'm happy to see new spins on the webcomic form.  Bass is a music producer and electrical engineer as well as a fan of comics.

DEAD TREES: This Week In Webcomics lists three books for the holidays from the webcomics Multiplex, Blank It and F Chords.

REVIEW: Tangents reviews the highschool webcomic Penny & Aggie.


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