The Comics Journal Moving to the Web

Tom Spurgeon reports on a letter The Comics Journal sent to its current subscribers outlining its plan to move to the web.  TCJ will still publish two semi-annual editions of the magazine on paper but for a promised price of at least $20 per edition that doesn’t sound at all like the current paper version of TCJ.

It’s a smart, probably inevitable, move for TCJ although adjusting the business plan to the web will take serious work.  No word yet on whether Dirk Deppey’s role there changes at all with these moves.

UPDATEDirk provides more detail this morning, including that it will be a "free" model (no subscriber wall).

correction: changed the headline from "The Comic Reporter" to "The Comics Journal".  The Comic Reporter is Tom Spurgeon’s online blog and has been online for most of the past decade.


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