Ten Finalists in Amazon’s Comic Strip Contest

Daily Cartoonist and Webcomics.com report on the ten finalists in Amazon’s win possibly, maybe someday get a newspaper syndication deal contest.

  • "Belle Plaine" by Eric Gapstur
  • "Büni" by Ryan Pagelow
  • "CounterCulture" by Kory Merritt (this one is out of the running b/c it signed a deal with a different syndicate)
  • "Evil Twin" by Alexander Matthews
  • "Girl" by Dana Simpson
  • "Hemlock Heights" by Todd Machen
  • "Joe 6-Pack" by Mike Floyd
  • "Lil Wit" by Andrew Paavola
  • "Nutz n’ Doltz" by Michael Underhill
  • "Thatababy" by Paul Trap

In this round it looks like they will pick the winner based on who gets the most votes from the Internet. You can vote through November 6th; the winner will be announced on the 9th.


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