Comics on the To Write Something About List

Ideally anyhow.  Just a reminder that ComixTalk does review comics in all forms now (not just webcomics) so if you want to send us a review copy of a book send it to ComixTALK world HQ care of Robert Tanner, P.O. Box 3362, Arlington, Virginia 22203.

Right now I’ve got a review copy of Malice by Chris Wooding on my desk – extremely cool packaging of this book (a molded cover gives it a little extra heft); I also got a review copy of The Good Neighbors: Kith (Book Two) by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh but it’s a sequel so I may try to pick up the first volume before reading it.  I just finished the print collection of Rice Boy from Evan Dahm which I bought from Dahm at SPX this year. A little expensive for a paperback (although it is in full color) but factor in the fact that you already read it for free on the web.  Rice Boy deserves more review and praise online (unless I’m just not googling it right) — it’s has this demented Dr.Seuss artwork that creates a sustained other world from Dahm’s imagination.  I was struck by how much more I enjoyed it as a book — taking a long chunk of time to sit in a comfortable chair and just read it through.


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