Interviews Danielle Corsetto has an interview with Danielle Corsetto, creator of Girls with slingshots. The interview covers, among other things, the recently announced partnership with Bill Jemas’ 360ep.

The way 360ep found Corsetto sounds a bit like the webcomics equivalent of “Waitress-working-in-diner-is-discovered-by-movie-director”:

Teresa, my first contact from 360, spent a VERY long time looking through those millions and trillions of webcomics and hit Keenspace one day. Now, I don’t have anything on Keenspace, but I was about to put Ramblers on Keenspace after I’d finished about a year of it. Well, I never actually got around to that, but somehow Teresa stumbled upon the BEGININGS of what would have been Ramblers on Keenspace, and did a bit of SE work, found me, and then e-mailed me.




  1. I had a bit of trouble deciding what quote to use for this news blurb. The runner up was this little gem:

    Y’know, I just met with some of the 360ep people a few days ago in New York, and God bless ’em, I loved talking to them, but I STILL do NOT understand what the hell this company is supposed to do.

  2. You know, I think I’d be a little bit wary about signing on with a company unless you know 100% what exactly they’re supposed to do.

  3. I’m partial to “Nothing happens when you’re ten!? Come on, when I was ten – not only was I the World Wrestling Federation Champion – I was a rock climber – a master ninja – and Voltron.”

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