Comix Talk from the Airport

I'm leaving on a jetplane… actually I know when I'll be back again which is why posting might be light until the end of the month.  Although I am led to believe they have a series of tubes in Asia too so I'm counting on that.

BUSINESS  I guess the big news over the weekend was the by-now-well-covered announcement from DC that it won't be holding monthly contests anymore at its Zuda property. I generally am suspicious of contests but on the other hand experimentation is necessary.  So hopefully we´ve all learned a bit from Zuda part 1 and DC will try something else interesting for Zuda part 2.

INTERVIEWS  Liberally borrowing from Brigid´s Paperless Comics because this is a great batch of interviews she linked to from TGT Webcomics with creators at C2E2 includingGordon McAlpin (Multiplex), Ed (Ed Contradictory), Michael A. Kandalaft (That Monkey Tune), Tony and Sarah (The Angry Penguin), Josep (Space Punks!), Joe and Phil (Digital Pimp), Brad Guigar (Evil, Inc.), Kris Straub (Starslip), and Scott Kurtz, (PvP).

FROM THE MAILBAG  Rina Piccolo writes to announce her new webcomic Velia, Dear.  The comic is about a young woman named Velia who leaves the inner city to take care of her aging Italian mother.  There´s already a few strips up in the archives and it´s a great premise and Piccolo is already a pro and shows it in this new project.


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