Comix Talk from the Far East

Wow the big story this week so far is the discussion kicked off by Jon Rosenberg's pondering shutting down Goats.  Stories from CWR, Robot6, FLEEN, and Storming the Tower cover Jon's recent blog post.  I wish I could offer some insight or commentary but I don't have enough time this week to add something of value.  I will say that Jon's always been a nice guy in my interactions with him and that he's improved so much as an artist and creator over time that I hope he can find a way forward that leads to more financial success for him.

HYPE: The creators of the Piracy is Liberation comic book are going to run the entire series as a webcomic, starting May 15th at  The webcomic will be updated once a day with additional commentary.

MARKETING: Do people go to Top 100 lists anymore?  Just in case, here's another one for webcomics.

FROM THE MAILBAG:  Giannis Milonogiannis wrote to let me know about his cyberpunk police thriller comic Old City Blues — "pretty much my love letter to 80's cyberpunk films, books and comics."  The story takes place in New Athens- a city built from the ruins of Greece after a cataclysmic flood in 2016.


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