Comix Talk for December 21, 2010

I will be looking for guest bloggers in January — if blogging about comics and computers (or just comics) sounds interesting, drop me an email (xerexes AT gmail) or a tweet (xerexes).

MILESTONE: Dean Haspiel has a great tribute comic to Harvey Pekar who passed away this year. (h/t Mike Rhode).

AWARDS: MTV Splashpage posts its best of 2010 including Best Webcomic, Best New Webcomic and Best Webcomic Book.

INTERVIEW: Laura Hudson has an interview with creator Mark Waid on leaving Boom Studios and his digital-first approach to future work

COMICS PRESS:  TCJ, the cranky old hipster uncle of comics criticism announces a couple of changes: Dirk Deppey is leaving and presumably the all-encompassing comics link blog Journalista! will end tomorrow.  That is sad although Deppey's tweetstream is pretty upbeat about it all. I really appreciated Deppey's work. Journalista! in both of its incarnations was one of the first blogs from old-school comics journalism to take webcomics seriously.  And it was complete as hell – there was very little he missed.

Also I saw news that TCJ will be launching a new blog called The Panelists which will feature among others, former ComixTalk contributor Derik Badman.  I'm really excited for Derik – from almost the get-go of reading and posting his contributions here, I've thought TCJ would be lucky to have him writing for them.  Despite my little dig at TCJ above it is the place to go for rigorous, in-depth writing on comic – academic but still accessible.


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