Happy Holidays

Comic by Ape Lad

Happy Holidays everyone!  This comic above is by Ape Lad (for Boing Boing)

COMICS PRESS: Today's the last day of Journalista 2.0 and Dirk Deppey posted a long list of great news sources (something he also did when Journalista 1.0 ended).  No real details on why Fantagraphics/TCJ laid him off other than comments that they couldn't afford a full-time blogger.  If so that's a shame as TCJ's embrace of the web in recent years has certainly made it more accessible — I guess the question remains if its made it more sustainable.

MERRY HOLIDAYUS!: The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas is probably the funniest new Christmas thing you'll experience this year (h/t Lauren Davis)


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