Heeeeere’s Santa!

A little holiday cheer from Reality Amuck (click here if you don't get the reference)

BEST OF 2010: The MTV Geek blog posts its best digital comics and webcomics of 2010.  Wired's ALT TEXT posts the Best Webcomics of 2010.

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon interviews journal comicker Dustin Harbin.

MAILBAG: Joseph Hewitt of Ataraxia Theatre writes that he is crowdsourcing which storyline to focus on in 2011.  More details here — he's posted sample chapters from three different projects (the three samples are relatively short- 5 pages, 19 pages, and 9 pages). 

AROUND THE BLOGS: Sophia Wiedeman draws a webcomic for The Daily Cross Hatch. I've reviewed a couple of Sophia's mini comics — both of which were very interesting reads.


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