Happy (Almost) New Years

It's been a heck of a fun 2010 at ComixTALK for me, but also exhausting.  Soloing a blog isn't easy — it's not my job (I have a whole 'nother life as a lawyer from 9 to 6 PM, at least, and being a husband and dad (and starting and stopping every other project offline and on that caught my short attention span this year).  So I'm not sure what's in store for the site next year.  I'm brainstorming and contemplating — if you have any bright ideas to add to the mix feel free to say hello (xerexes@gmail.com or tweet xerexes).

NOT WEBCOMICS: Derik said this went well when he swapped in some CDs for stuff.  Anyone have a bad experience with iPODmeister?

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon with an indepth interview with Dylan Horrocks.

CODE: I'm not sure why someone would want to run a comic off of VBulletin software but this looks like a project trying to do just that.

LOCAL: Mike Rhode links to everything he wrote about comics in DC for the Washington City Paper this year.



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