Comix Talk for December 27, 2011

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I'm an equal opportunity holidayist this year — I'll take whatever I can get.

INTERVIEWS: I sometimes feel like The Comics Reporter is just a bit intimidating as Tom Spurgeon posts such an enormous amount of stories every day, many of which are as in-depth as his Holiday Interview series.  There's some big names in his interview series this year but don't miss this one with Jeff Parker, currently working with Erica Moen on the webcomic Bucko.

PODCASTANET: Kris Straub chats with Brad Guigar about humor and comics.

HOLIDAZE: Robot6 had a nice round-up of web/comic Christmastime comics.

BE SCENE: TCJ checks out the Austin comics scene.  This is one in a series from TCJ.

ZIPPITYDODAH: The Atlantic has a feature on Zippy the Pinhead and its creator Bill Griffith.

CRAFT: Chris Schweizer's "Guide to Spotting Tangents" is really interesting — I never focused on tangents in comics art as a topic. And Kevin Huizenga shares his approach to thumbnailing his comics. Both h/t Drawn!

NOT COMICS: This Is My Jam is a kind of hyper-focused twitter-lite thing for music (maybe?). Anyhow it's easy to play and I've had some nice serendipidous discoveries through it. Sign up yourself and follow me there if it sounds interesting.  And speaking of music, hey it's another top 20 album list from John Allison of the webcomic Bad Machinery.


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