Comix Talk for December 28, 2011

Thanks to Scholastic for sending the all ages Scooby-Doo: A Merry Scary Holiday which the x-kids enjoyed.  It has a pretty Scooby-Dooish plot (and the villian winds up having a Gary-like appearance, man that guy is everywhere!).  It's labeled Issue #2 so keep an eye out for future issues. Also thanks to Joe Williams and Tina Garceau for sending Monkey & Bird, featuring one of the odder animal romance pairings in comics (although frog and pig doesn't make any more sense when you think of it.

iWEBCOMICS: This is interesting – The Beat caught that the top selling digital comic on Amazon is from a self-published girl.  Heidi devles a bit into the manga influence on Rachel Book's art, but I think the self publishing aspect and that she's so young are fascinating. There's nothing fancy about her web presence — I'm not sure what to make of this other than her book must be…. good? I haven't read it, but that's the most likely explanation for her success!

AMAZINGLY QUICK REVIEWS:  Maxime Garbarini's Close Call is published in both English and French. The art reminds one of Tintin immediately

MAILBAG: Terence Anthony writes about his online graphic novel Protege (written by Anthony and illustrated by Juan Romera) which is set in the world of high-tech espionage, international assassins and shadowy operatives and updates weekly. It follows freelance operatives Coltrane Wallace and Devin Edwards as they prepare for their last mission before Trane retires. Unfortunately a deadly young assassin code-named Allumette has been hired to eliminate their target, leading to a confrontation that will profoundly affect all their lives.


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