Let’s Say G’Bai to 2011

Time to watch Old Man 2011 give Baby 2012 the great high five of life tonight.  I know I got sporadic on the posting schedule this past year, not sure yet what's in store for next year, but I will be AFK for ComixTalk until January 10th.

TOOLS: The Stumpy Pencil blog has some great digital art tools for Photoshop and other art asoftware available to download. These bubble texture brushes for photoshop are pretty cool. (I cannot write "pretty cool" anymore without hearing that SNL woman's impersonation of Miley Cyrus)

ARE WE NOT MEN?  Heard this on the Radio Lab podcast this week and luckily for me everyone blogged it up already.  The podcast is a cute overview of an import tax dispute where Marvel argued that the X-men were not humans so as to get a lower tax rate for toys than one applied to dolls.

WOMEN OF WEBCOMICS: Jezebel had a great list of women comic creators doing pretty cool stuff in 2011.

RANDOM HYPE: Hadn't read cartoonist/engineert Angela Melick's journal webcomic, Wasted Talent, in awhile but it's still pretty cool! INTENSE PORPOISE!

MORE RANDOM HYPE: Check out SCI-ENCE, a pretty cool comic with some actual scientific knowledge imparted.  The art is really good, jumping styles too, and it has a strong point of view (basically skeptical, rational) that is probably more important to the creators than delivering the funny, so it can have a bit of an editorial comic to it at times (but a hipper one like Tom Tomorrow or Ted Rall). Anyhow – good stuff there (h/t BAD ASTONOMY)

NOT QUITE WEBCOMICS: Victor Hertz's parodies of corporate logos are dang funny (and pretty cool!) stuff. And unlike some lazy mockery, Hertz's stuff is all pretty dead on in its skewering of the companies. 


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